Garry Oak wants to be your valentine

Valentines for Garry Oak
Garry Oak is waiting to hear from you (FOT file)

By Emma Gray

This Valentine’s Day, love is in the air, and Friends of Trees’ mascot, Garry Oak, wants to be your valentine. Garry is a nine-foot Oregon White Oak with bright, glossy foliage, a great smile, and a sensitive soul. Garry likes fresh air, squirrels, and long walks on the beach. Would you like to be Garry’s valentine?

If you think you are the one to win Garry’s heart, tell him why! People of all ages, backgrounds and gender are invited to participate. Send Garry an email at [email protected] or post your love note to Garry on his personal Facebook page or Friends of Trees’ Facebook Fan page. If you aren’t already friends with Garry on Facebook, what are you waiting for? One lucky lovebird will win a Friends of Trees Gift Tree and a personalized valentine delivered by Garry Oak to the winner’s home or office on Monday, February 14.

Friends of Trees at Sunday Parkways: June 27th, 2010
A fan hugs Garry Oak (FOT file)

Garry gives Gift Trees because they are the perfect way to show his love for the earth and for his loved ones. Through Friends of Trees’ Gift Trees program you, too, can purchase a Gift Tree for your sweetheart. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a native tree that helps the earth and grows for the lifetime of your love.

Friends of Trees’ Gift Trees are planted in the Collins Sanctuary in Forest Park during one of two annual Gift Tree plantings. All who give or receive Gift Trees for Valentine’s Day this year will be invited to plant their trees at the Gift Tree planting on March 27, 2011. A Gift Tree costs $35, and a Gift Grove of six young native trees costs $100.

Gift Trees restore a forest in our city and support Friends of Trees’ Green Space Initiative, a program that guides volunteers in restoring green spaces throughout the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Friends of Trees’ Neighborhood Trees program offers high-quality street and yard trees at bargain prices and helps neighbors plant their trees together at weekend community events.

Since 1989, Friends of Trees’ thousands of volunteers have planted more than 400,000 trees and native plants. To learn more or to order Gift Trees, visit or call Emma at 503-282-8846 ext. 31.

-Gray is Gift Tree and Membership Services Specialist for Friends of Trees.