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Friends of Trees is taking our region’s COVID-related restrictions and guidelines very seriously; we are actively planning future tree planting & tree care events with health and safety concerns at the forefront of planning efforts, you can find more information here. You can stay connected with us through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where we’re sharing information and stories about trees + community. Until further notice the Portland office is closed to the public; appointments may be made with individual staff as necessary.

We hope you and yours are safe and well. We can’t wait to plant trees with you again!

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11 hours ago
Black Cottonwoods are deciduous, fast-growing, 🌞-loving trees that prefer moist conditions and are often found along rivers & creeks. They have dark green, alternate, ♥️ shaped leaves and produce a hard to miss cotton like fluff in the spring #TreeTalkMonday! https://t.co/zBwTf7Q4ok


Friends of Trees
Friends of Trees11 hours ago
Happy #TreeTalkMonday Friends! Let's talk about the Black Cottonwood or Populus Trichocarpa for all you botanists!

These deciduous trees are fast growing! How fast you ask? They can put on 40 feet in as little as 15 years! Beware, the rapid nature of growth for these trees make them brittle and can lose limbs in extreme weather events. They're a sun loving tree that prefers moist conditions and are often found along our rivers and creeks. Black Cottonwoods have alternate, heart shaped leaves and flowers in long catkins. Female Black Cottonwood catkins produce a cotton like fluff that's released in the spring.

In partnership with Clean Water Services, we had the pleasure of planting some of these wonderful trees at Jackson Bottom Wetlands over the weekend! Thanks to our event sponsor Epson Portland Inc and to all all you hardworking 🌳🌟's who planted with us!