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Friends of Trees is taking our region’s COVID-related restrictions and guidelines very seriously; we are actively planning future tree planting & tree care events with health and safety concerns at the forefront of planning efforts, you can find more information here. You can stay connected with us through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we’re sharing information and stories about trees + community. Until further notice the Portland office is closed to the public; appointments may be made with individual staff as necessary.

We hope you and yours are safe and well. We can’t wait to plant trees with you again!

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Upcoming Events

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4 hours ago
Our friends @LaraMedia invite you to celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth + #ElGrito at a rally THIS EVENING to support immigrants' rights, educate our community about COVID-19, and to support #BLM Learn more: https://t.co/OVDD1QfLP5


Friends of Trees
Friends of Trees5 hours ago
Our friends Lara Media Services LLC. invite you to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, starting with El Grito, commemorating the independence of 7 Latin-American countries. In the past the El Grito Portland celebration included music, food, and vendors; this year there's a rally THIS EVENING to support immigrants' rights, educate our community about COVID-19, and stand alongside the BLM movement in the fight toward social justice. Learn more: https://elgritoportland.com