Tree walks and more to celebrate planting season


More than 3,000 trees + native shrubs planted so far!

In celebration of our 33rd season of planting trees together, we are hosting a month-long virtual celebration on our social media channels featuring LIVE tree walks, tree talks, and more. This is our way of bringing planting day to folks who can’t get out there; sharing some tree identification and fun facts about trees; and engaging with some of our partners who are part of our educational and climate justice programming.

A highlight so far this month is FOT deputy director Whitney Dorer walking and talking with Dr. Vivek Shandas about our Robert Wood Johnson Foundation partnership:

“Much of the eastside of Portland has far fewer trees, far fewer parks than the westside of Portland. What we’re trying to do is understand how tree planting in eastern parts of Portland has affected the quality of life for residents in this part of the city.

“This project, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, was an opportunity for us to evaluate how tree planting in the last 15 years has been serving residents of east Portland.”

Dr. Vivek Shandas


“Part of this project is listening to stories from community members about how they engage with green spaces, or don’t engage … where are they experiencing the inequities of our urban tree canopy?”

Whitney Dorer

Please check this schedule of events for details about this month’s tree walks/talks and how to tune in; here is a playlist of all of our October tree walk so far, and if you’re ready to come out and plant trees, here’s the volunteer event calendar.

We look forward to celebrating trees with you!