Give the gift that fights climate change

Surprise your friend or loved one this holiday season with a gift that will grow over time, improve local natural areas, and clean our air & water!

Gift Trees are a lasting legacy that honor or remember loved ones while improving our environment. All Gift Trees are planted through our Green Space Program, which restores sensitive natural areas in our region. And with Friends of Trees, Gift Tree purchasers and recipients have the option to plant their Gift Tree. However, if you cannot attend a Gift Trees planting event we will make sure your Gift Tree gets planted.

For each Gift Tree (or grove of 6 trees), you will be able to choose a certificate you can customize with your recipient’s name and print at home.

You and your gift recipient can join Friends of Trees to plant the tree, if you wish, during one of our Gift Tree planting events during the coming year—or we can plant it for you.  Gift Tree FAQs

Please note: The deadline has passed if you’d like to have a paper certificate mailed to you in time for Christmas giving; however, if you’re in a crunch, please email Kathy directly and we’ll try to make it happen. Remember, you can order a Gift Tree and print your own certificate at any time. Donate to order your Gift Tree here.

All Gift Trees support natural area restoration through Friends of Trees’ Green Space Program. Thank you for greening our world through your holiday giving!

The Many Loves of Garry Oak

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our mascot, Garry Oak, has been thinking about a new treeheart.

garry montage

It’s hard being alone on the day of love, commitment, and romance. So Garry has been getting his roots wet meeting potential partners.

garry montage 2

It’s difficult to find that special someone when you’re a mascot. Not all the choices are healthy…

garry montage 3

Although there are sporty options, cats and trees don’t always mix…

garry montage 4

Birds and Trees are a little better.

GArry montage 5

Garry, seriously, ask what this guy does for a living! Talk to Joey about how he came by the nickname, Timber.

garry montage 6

We hope Garry gets what he needs for Valentine’s Day. We can still help you honor that special someone. This year, we’re excited to offer special gift certificates you can give to your Valentines. See our Valentine’s Day Gift Tree packs

garry oak valentines

What an amazing gift for the holiday season

Planting in the Snow
Your holiday gift can grow for generations (Chijo Takeda)

Dear Friend of Trees,

We are thrilled to announce that Friends of Trees has received the most wonderful seasonal gift. Due in no small part to the amazing support we enjoy from people like you, we have been recognized again as one of the strongest nonprofits in our area and are included in the 2012 Willamette Week Give!Guide.

The Give!Guide is a great way to promote philanthropy, and it has been invaluable to Friends of Trees by connecting us with supporters both old and new. In addition to the generous incentives that Willamette Week is offering to all donors again this year, we are excited to announce some extra incentives just for you, our Friends of Trees family.

Let’s hit the ground running and show our community how much we care about the environment!

First, the Tree-mendous Gift Basket is BACK! The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the early bird could get the amazing, fantastic gift basket full of all good things that grow on trees (a $150 value). Donate before midnight on Sunday, December 16, and your name will be entered to win!

In addition, new or renewing Friends of Trees members who make a donation of $35 or more will receive 25% off all of their Gift Tree dedications in the New Year–for the entire year!

Please consider a donation to Friends of Trees through the Willamette Week Give!Guide and help us continue to bring communities together to plant trees and make our world a greener, cleaner, healthier place to live and grow!


All of us at Friends of Trees

Holiday gifts that give joy as they grow

March 25, 2012 Gift Tree Planting
Planting a Gift Tree in the Collins Sanctuary (Lucia DeLisa)

Your holiday gifts can give joy and good will as they grow. For $35, Friends of Trees will dedicate a native sapling in honor of the person you choose and mail a holiday acknowledgment card on your behalf. Your Gift Tree card will be mailed within three business days of placing your order at or 503-467-2531.

Your Gift Trees will help the world more as they grow by providing more shade and beauty, enhancing wildlife habitat, and cleaning more of our air and water. In addition, you and those who receive your gifts will have a chance to plant the Gift Trees personally at Friends of Trees’ annual invitation-only Gift Tree planting.

“My family and I want to thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity,” said a recent Gift Tree planter. “We were all impressed at how well the tree planting event was organized. It was so nice to have the treats before we started, and all of your staff and volunteers were welcoming and caring.”

If you can’t attend the planting, Friends of Trees will plant your Gift Trees for you. All Gift Trees are planted at the Collins Sanctuary near Forest Park through a partnership between Friends of Trees and the Audubon Society of Portland.

2013 Chinook Book is out!

Great FOT Discount in Chinook Book
2013 Chinook Book is out!

One of the many great coupons you’ll find in the new Chinook Book offers a 30% discount from Friends of Trees.

If we’re planting in your neighborhood this fall or winter, you can get a 30% discount on a tree for your home.

If we’re not planting in your neighborhood, you can receive a 30% discount on a Gift Tree!

Either way, you win.

You’ll also find over 150 offers from new businesses like Zupan’s Markets, Cinetopia, Everyday Music, Floyd’s Coffee, and Ellington Handbags, plus hundreds of returning favorites from last year.

Learn more here.