Trees make perfect gifts

Celebrate life events and honor loved ones with a Gift Tree from Friends of Trees.

Gift Trees are a lasting legacy that honor or remember loved ones while cleaning our air and water, fighting climate change, providing habitat, and so much more. All Gift Trees are planted through our Green Space Program, which restores sensitive natural areas in our region.

All of our Gift Tree certificates are electronic: You will be able to choose the certificate you prefer, edit it, print it, and give it or mail it directly to your Gift Tree recipient. Your emailed donation receipt will contain a link to the page where the printable images are stored, along with printing and editing instructions.

Thank you for supporting trees + community through the gift of trees.

Get Your Gift Trees Here

1 Tree: $35 | Grove of six trees: $100

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Trees

Are you sending me a tree?
While that would be fun, it definitely wouldn’t contribute to a healthy tree. When you donate to dedicate a Gift Tree you are actually donating to help purchase and plant a native tree seedling as part of our Green Space Program that restores sensitive natural areas in the Portland, Oregon metro region. When you donate toward a Gift Tree you will be able to choose, customize and print a Gift Tree certificate to present to your recipient that describes this special gift (a link to the certificates will be sent to you with your electronic donation receipt).

Where do the trees get planted?
All gift trees are native tree seedlings that are planted in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area at Friends of Trees’ Green Space restoration events that take place from October – April every year. Friends of Trees’ Green Space Program restores natural areas throughout our region, from Troutdale to Hillsboro, Oregon. All Gift Trees are planted in these areas and they play a vital role in our work restoring sensitive natural areas that are key for habitat, clean air, and watershed health.

Can the recipient of my gift tree plant their tree?
Unfortunately the Gift Tree program is not able to include inviting gift tree donors and recipients to plant gift trees. In order to reduce traffic to and impact on the sensitive natural areas where gift trees are planted, we are not able to share specific planting sites of gift trees. You can rest assured that your gift tree will be carefully planted and will contribute to greening our region–a gift tree is excellent climate action!

Do you send a card to my Gift Tree recipient?
After you make your gift tree donation you will receive an electronic acknowledgement to the email address you provide, this will contain a link to a page where you can choose a certificate to customize, download and print (or, you can share your certificate electronically after customizing). Generally we are unable to print and mail gift tree certificates, if you do need this service please understand that we may not be able to print and mail your certificate immediately, so please allow for some time for this to happen.

Thank you for your support of trees + community, we can’t do this without you!

Your donation through Gift Trees is tax-deductible to the extent allowable, please consult your tax professional with any questions about tax-deductions.

Questions? Please email us. Thank you!