Our Commitment to Equity

Planting trees and growing healthy communities together.

Friends of Trees recognizes that not everyone has equal access to the benefit of trees.

As a community driven organization we foster an atmosphere of inclusion and support, and we strive to build places that are safer and healthy for all. We accomplish this through authentic community conversation; unique partnerships; relevant programming; and attracting and retaining diverse staff and supporters.

Friends of Trees’ Equity and Diversity Inclusion Committee is a standing committee comprised of board and staff who recommend readings and workshops, organize trainings, and review our programs and materials through an equity lens. We use deliberate outreach and communication strategies to ensure a diverse range of volunteers and tree-recipients.

Equity plays a major role in our programs. This is just a sample of our current partners: We contract with Verde and Wisdom of the Elders for help with planting site preparation, tree planting, and maintenance; we use the services of Lara Media Services for focus groups and video; Chemawa Indian School students participate in every Salem-area planting event; Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center youth interns receive stipends for job-training—including leadership opportunities—with Friends of Trees.

Friends of Trees will always strive to be a welcoming and safe place for everyone, regardless of age, ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, political views or economic status. Without our volunteers, we are nothing. But together we do amazing things.

This statement is included at the beginning of all Friends of Trees public planting events