Leave a Legacy

Planned gifts help ensure that Friends of Trees will always be here, planting trees and growing community.

Estate Planning with Friends of Trees

We need to do something bigger than ourselves. –Mohamed, Friends of Trees volunteer

Think about trees. Have you volunteered to plant them? Do you have special trees in your life, perhaps in your yard, the neighborhood park, or on a favorite hiking trail? You probably also admire and appreciate trees for all they do for us, our environment, our community. Especially now, with the impacts from climate change increasing in frequency and severity, we need trees more than ever. And when planted The Friends of Trees Way, with the power of community volunteers, we are stewarding climate activists – something we also need more than ever.

Supporting community tree planting is something special you can do that is bigger than yourself. As you consider your future and plan for your estate and your assets you may appreciate the information in this Friends of Trees booklet about estate planning.

Some examples of ways to give wisely

  • Bequests. Please consider leaving a portion of your estate to Friends of Trees in your will. Options include a portion of your life insurance, IRAs, even a portion of the value of your home.
  • IRA Gifts. At age 72 or older you can make donations of up to $100,000/year from your IRA, in lieu of taking out the required minimum distribution.
  • Real Estate. Your home or other property can help ensure that Friends of Trees is always there, planting trees, growing community.

There is so much we can do that is bigger than ourselves, things that are positive and forward-thinking. Leaving a legacy that helps ensure the continuation of Friends of Trees’ programs that plant trees, grow community, and fight climate change will help our planet and its inhabitants for generations to come. As Mohammed also shared, “Planting trees really will outlive us. The effort that you put is so small, the benefit is just gigantic.”

Seed the Future Society

Friends of Trees’ Seed the Future Society members have chosen to create a lasting legacy with Friends of Trees. You can become a member by letting us know that you have named Friends of Trees in your will or estate plan.

For more information, please contact Development Director Kathy Armstrong at 503-467-2512 or [email protected]

Friends of Trees is not providing financial, estate planning or legal advice; please consult your estate planning professional regarding current rules and regulations.