How to Volunteer

Learn about our volunteer roles & when we need your help!

Friends of Trees would simply not be what we are without our immeasurable volunteer community. We strive to provide safe, fun, and fulfilling volunteer roles that cater to different ages, personal interests, physical abilities, and schedules. Please check out our current needs below!  Many of our volunteer roles run October – May, mirroring our planting and tree-care season.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch!

Email us at:

Or give us a call at: 503-595-0213

Our Volunteer Roles

Tree Planter

Tree planters are our flagship volunteer role and help plant trees at weekend events October through April! We welcome people of all ages and abilities. No previous experience necessary.

Crew Leader

Friends of Trees Crew Leaders help lead our planting crews throughout the season. These trained volunteers ensure that our volunteers are safe, have fun, and plant trees correctly to ensure their long-term survival.

Truck Driver

Volunteers with pick-up trucks and trailers help transport trees to their new homes! Volunteer truck drivers carry trees, tools, and supplies on planting day to support a crew of planters at our Saturday morning events.

Bike Planter

Bike planters transport & plant trees with their pedal power. Bikers with or without trailers are welcome to join and plant at select Saturday events. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

Friday Event Prep

Fridays: Help our staff prepare for their Saturday events at our office in NE Portland!

Event Photographer

Got a talent for capturing the special moments during a busy event? We could use your talent to help at our Saturday events!

Summer Tree Inspector

Help check on newly-planted trees in your neighborhood!

Neighborhood Coordinator

(Not currently available) Neighborhood Coordinators work with Friends of Trees staff to plan and coordinate their neighborhood's annual planting event.