Crew Leader Online Training

Planting Crew Leader
Online Training

Training and review available online: Oct 17th – Oct 25th, 2020

Welcome and thank you for joining us as a Planting Crew Leader! We’re grateful for your help planting 3,000 trees in neighborhoods around our region this season! We wish we could be able to get to know you at an in-person training this year, but we really appreciate that you are taking the time to complete this training at home, and we look forward to meeting you at your first planting soon!


Welcome to the Friends of Trees Crew Leader Training Portal! This training contains the following:

After you complete the virtual training and review questions, Friends of Trees will reach out to you via email to encourage you to sign up for your first planting events as an Assistant Crew Leader! We ask that you do your best to attend your fist event within a month of taking the training to ensure that your new found knowledge is fresh in your mind!

  • NOTE: You must complete the training review in order to receive the email invitation to sign up for planting events.



TRAINING OPENS. This training is designed so that you can take it at your own pace. We expect it will take most people about 1.5-2 hours. There will be a short review quiz at the end to ensure that we clearly communicated key concepts.

THURSDAY OCT 22 (6 pm - 7 pm)

LIVE Q&A WITH FRIENDS OF TREES STAFF. If you have questions from the training, we’ll be holding a virtual Q&A Session so we can address anything prior to your first planting event! Even if you don’t have any questions yourself, we encourage you to attend!


TRAINING WINDOW CLOSES. Reviews must be submitted by midnight on the training deadline!


This training is presented by Friends of Trees staff members Haley Miller, Ian Bonham, Michelle Yasutake and Surabhi Mahajan. It is comprised of 4 main components:

  1. Friends of Trees & Environmental Justice [16 min]
  2. The Planting Crew Leader Role [48 min]
  3. A Crash Course in Trees [19 min]
  4. Training Review [10 min]

Click on the video to begin the training. When you complete a video, scroll down to the next section. Make sure to turn up the volume to hear the speakers. Click the “Full Screen” button in the bottom right to enlarge the video window.

NOTE: This video may not be compatible with all internet browsers. Recommended: Google Chrome, Firefox. (An alternate link is available in section 3, below.)


In this module, we will go over everything you need to know about Friends of Trees. It is broken down into three sections:

  1. About Friends of Trees [00:30]
  2. The Urban Forest [2:30]
  3. The Neighborhood Trees Program [6:30]
  4. Environmental Justice [8:30]

When you finish viewing this video, please proceed to the next section.


This module will cover everything you need to know about the Planting Crew Leader role. It is broken down into four sections:

  1. What Is a Planting Crew Leader? [00:33]
  2. A Day in the Life [06:24]
  3. The Planting Crew Leader Tool Kit [19:26]
  4. Working with Volunteers [28:40]

To review the resources discussed in this module, please check out the Resources & Support section at the bottom of this page. When you finish viewing this video, please proceed to the next section.


This module contains important information about the logistics of urban tree planting. We will cover:

  1. Tools for Planting Day
  2. Right Tree – Right Place
  3. Tree Planting Techniques 

When you have completed this module, please proceed to the training review for the last step in the training process.


Please click on the orange button below to open the Crew Leader Training Review in a new window. In addition to confirming details from the training, there will be an opportunity to share your t-shirt size so that we can provide you with your official “uniform” at your first event!




We know you probably have questions, and we want to be available to answer them! Feel free to login anytime over the course of the hour. You will not have audio or video capabilities, but you are encouraged to input any questions into the ‘chat’ and we will do our best to answer them all!

Q&A Information:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 987 2280 4384

Date: October 22, 2020

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

To Call In: +16699006833,,98722804384#

 OR 1-253-215-8782

We ask that you please view the training prior to attending the Q&A. Many of your questions may be answered in the training.

We hope to see you there!

Crew Leader Handbook 

This handbook contains all of the information covered in this training, and more!

Crew Leader Checklist

The CL Checklist is a timeline of the planting day. It also outlines the tree planting process, step by step. This will be on every clipboard on planting day for reference.

EDI Toolkit

The EDI Toolkit is a great educational resource to review prior to your first planting! It includes readings and provides a lot of tools that you can implement while you are working with others!

Emergency Protocol

The Emergency Protocols provides a step-by-step action process in the event of an emergency. It also contains non-emergency numbers for every municipality we work in. This will be available as a resource on your clipboard on planting day.

Thank you for completing this training! 

A member from our Volunteer & Outreach program will reach out within a few days of completing your review with instructions on how to sign up for your first events. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact!

Join the Tree Team–be a Crew Leader!

“I have a few favorite things about crew leading. One, I get to interact with all kinds of different people; two, I get so many positive remarks and thank you-s for making people so happy—all because I’m wearing a colored vest that associates me with a great cause.” –Ryan, Friends of Trees Crew Leader

If you’ve planted trees with us, then you’ve met a Crew Leader. Crew Leaders are the friendly, knowledgeable folks who teach our volunteer tree-planters how to properly plant trees and use tools, and they’re your #1 go-to for help and questions at a Friends of Trees planting event.

Crew Leader is a key leadership position with Friends of Trees, and is ideal for people who love planting with Friends of Trees and who want to do a bit more. As a Crew Leader you gain valuable leadership skills and lots of tree knowledge! Plus, you get to spend a lot of time outside and you’ll meet an awesome assortment of new people.

So, ready to try something new? We train Crew Leaders every season and our fall trainings are coming up—Join us!

Pruning Crew Leader Training

This year, Friends of Trees is set to prune 400 young street trees in Eugene and we need your help!
We are looking for volunteers who are interested in a brand new volunteer role- Pruning Crew Leaders! Similar to our Planting Crew Leader role, Pruning Leaders will pair up and guide volunteers in the fine art and science of pruning young street trees along with Friends of Trees staff.

This exciting training will give you the necessary skills to lead teams to prune young street trees in Eugene! We will have a brief demonstration of proper pruning technique, then break into small teams and practice our new skills on some trees near the office. Friends of Trees pruning events will be on Saturdays from July – early September. All we ask is you try and make it to 2 of the events. The pruning event dates this summer are 7/28, 8/11, 8/25, 9/8, and 9/22.

Food and beverages will be provided!

When: Thursday, June 26th
Time: We will open the doors at 5:30 for food, drink, and mingling fun. Training starts promptly at 6:00.
Where: Registration is required! Information on location and more details will be sent via email to those who RSVP.

Space for this training is limited! Registration is required so please register before the event is full!

Hi I’m your friendly neighborhood Assistant Crew Leader at Friends of Trees…

Wrapping up our 29th planting season with Friends of Trees (FOT) this year, volunteers and staff were able to tie a pretty ribbon on what I call another successful season of urban/natural tree restoration efforts. We had plenty of not so new volunteers continue to serve in a leadership role with FOT. But for those who are new or “Rookies” as some would call them. I wanted to dig a little deeper into why those newly trained Assistant Crew Leaders (ACLs)  joined our awesome FOT team this season. I had the honor to interview two awesome volunteers who share the ACL role with us, those folks are known as Sam Garcia (SG) and Joey Desilva (JD). I was able to ask them a few questions about their experience with us and why they got involved in this leadership role! Check out what they had to say below:

What motivated you to join Friends of Trees as a Crew Leader this year?

SGI was motivated to join Friends of Trees as a Crew Leader this year because I realized that after studying environmental planning in grad school for so long, I hadn’t ever really had the opportunity to actually plant a tree! After graduating with a little more time on my hands, I wanted to continue my understanding of urban forestry, from a different perspective we don’t always get to experience in the classroom.


JDMy 2nd experience with Friends of Trees was a Neighborhood Planting that took place out in Beaverton and was led by Neighborhood Trees staff member, Rudy Roquemore.  Rudy was a great inspiration and I really enjoyed working with him. I took on the role of just kind of moving from group to group and helping where help was needed as there was a fair amount of people in each group.  I had a similar experience with Green Space staff member, Max Showers for my first planting, which was a Green Space event in Tualatin. I have a background in management so have a lot of experience leading groups of people and I felt that becoming a crew leader would make the best use of my volunteer hours.  It also gave me the opportunity to work with a larger variety of people. Moving forward, I will likely train for a crew leader role for Green Space as well.


Do you have a memorable Crew Leader moment?

SGYes. I remember one time I helped lead a church youth group. Hearing the leaders of the youth group ask really reflective questions to the students throughout the planting linking faith and their care for the Earth was really inspiring. As a believer myself, I don’t always get to have the opportunities, I was happy to see other faith-based groups joining in on environmental issues.


JDI suppose my most memorable moment would be my first time out as an assistant crew leader.  At the time, I was enrolled in an Environmental Science class at Portland Community College and had organized a group of classmates for this event as an extra credit for our class.  While out planting, our truck broke down (battery died but we thought it was something else) so one of my classmates and I carried the last two trees to the final planting spot. We later determined that it was just the battery, which was fixed with a jump-start. 

Other truly memorable experience was at a Green Space planting in Tigard with a group of Cub Scouts as I really enjoy working with children and seeing how much fun they were having with the experience.


What is one thing you like about leading volunteers as a Crew Leader?

SGI enjoy seeing people really begin to see themselves as environmentalists in their own right. Being able to lead diverse groups from all walks an cultures of life has reminded me that, just like me recently, we all have the agency to help our earth, and the green movement doesn’t just belong to a select few. By teaching others to plant one tree, I believe you actually plant a seed in the lives of people that will continue to grow and influence change for our world’s most pressing climate issues.


JD– I enjoy structure and detail and really like to teach.  I have been considering a career in education, possible an outdoor school of sorts…


Any inspiration for folks who might be considering this role? or why should someone take the plunge and become a Crew leader with us?

SGTake the plunge! You will learn so much, and be supported well along the way! There are so many opportunities to grow, learn, and contribute to the urban canopy of our city. You won’t regret it!


JDI highly recommend becoming a crew leader.  It is a great way to expand your social network and interact with a diverse group of wonderful people, and be part of a fantastic organization while gaining experience in a leadership role.


As you can read, our ACL’s have lots of fun working with our FOT team and community members. They are truly the folks who are at the forefront of our tree planting efforts,  helping lead our volunteers to make our community Healthy and Green. If you are excited as I am for our next planting season or our next Crew Leader training. Check out our event calendar and our Crew Leader role while we wait for the Fall colors to arrive once again.


Pablo Brito works with the Volunteer and Outreach program at Friends of Trees.

Crew Leader Training (Tualatin)

Crew Leaders are trained volunteers who lead people at our planting events to plant trees correctly and have fun! Friends of Trees is aiming to plant tens of thousands of native trees and shrubs at more than 40 public planting events in the Green Space Program. Help make those goals a reality and register to become a Crew Leader with us!

The training is free (and includes lunch and a t-shirt!) but registration is required. Register HERE to train for this popular role. Spots are limited and this training will fill-up so register soon!

Please contact Jenny or Pablo at (503) 595-0213 if you need more information. We look forward to answering any questions you may have!

This event has a Google Hangouts video call.