Planting Crew Leader

If you are looking for a way to combat climate change and create a more equitable community by planting trees in neighborhoods that don’t have as many, you might just be a future Friends of Trees Crew Leader

If you want to make a lasting, positive change in a fun and physical(ly-distanced) way and you don’t mind working in the mud and rain on occasion, then you might be ready to become a Friends of Trees Crew Leader!

Friends of Trees Planting Crew Leaders are crucial to the success of our programs. As a Planting Crew Leader for our ‘Neighborhood Trees’ Program, you will be trained to plant large-stock (6-10 ft tall) trees at homes in and around the Portland-Vancouver Metro region. Trees may be planted in a home’s yard and/or in the property’s right-of-way (the space between the home and the street). You will be planting in the neighborhood with one other trained Crew Leader or Staff member.  Please read more about our COVID-19 safety measures.

Our annual fall trainings have passed for this volunteer position.  Are you interested in being notified when registration for the next Crew Leader Training happens?  Please connect with our team and let us know you’re interested in “Crew Leader Training.”  Thank you for your interest!  We hope to work with you in another volunteer role!