Planting Crew Leader

Enjoy the idea of learning from and leading community members to plant trees?

Looking for a way to combat climate change?

Want to make lasting, positive change in a fun outdoor environment?

Become a Planting Crew Leader!  

Fall Crew Leader Trainings are open for registration!

Space limited.  Register to save your place!

“Do I need to have planted a tree before?” Nope. You also don’t need outdoor experience, or any fancy gear. You simply need an interest in trees and enthusiasm in helping mentor others to plant them. FOT staff, arborists, and already trained Crew Leaders will teach you everything else you need to know!

“Where do Crew Leaders volunteer?” Crew Leaders are particularly needed in Vancouver, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Oregon City, Wilsonville, and Salem — these are the areas where we have the most planting events scheduled in the Oct ’24-May ’25 season. If you’re willing to travel to these areas, that counts too! We’ll also be planting at other locations in Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas Counties as well, but have fewer events.

“What is the time commitment for this role?” In total, you are expected to commit ~22 hours (this includes the online modules, In-Person training + 4 planting events, ~4 hrs each). The planting events are mostly on Saturday mornings and you’ll have dozens to choose from October-May.  We’ll send you a list of events you’re qualified for after you complete training.

Do you have any age requirements?” We ask that Crew Leaders are age 16 or older. Youth 15 and younger are welcome to become Crew Leaders but we ask that they have an adult with them for the training and all 4+ of their events.

Do I need my own vehicle / Do you provide carpool options?” While we try to promote carpooling, we hear from Crew Leaders that they are rarely able to connect with our carpool tool.  Some events are accessible by public transportation or bike, while others require a private vehicle.  We recognize it’s a barrier to have access to a private vehicle, and it is also recommended for this role.

“I have more questions!” Please refer to the Volunteer FAQ webpage or reach out to our staff: [email protected] / 503-595-0213.