Planting Crew Leader

If you are looking for a way to combat climate change and create a more equitable community, you might just be a future Friends of Trees Crew Leader!

If you want to lead the public to plant trees in parks and neighborhoods that don’t have as many, you might be a future Friends of Trees Crew Leader!

If you want to make a lasting, positive change in a fun and physical(ly-distanced) way and you don’t mind working in the mud and rain, then you might be ready to become a Friends of Trees Crew Leader!  And we hope you do — all are welcome!

Registration is not open yet for our Fall trainings.  To be added to a list that we’ll contact when registration goes live, please email us: [email protected]

“Do I need to have planted a tree before?” Nope. You also don’t need outdoor experience, or any fancy gear (just enough layers to stay warm and dry). You simply need an interest in trees and enthusiasm in helping mentor others to plant them. FOT staff, arborists, and already trained Crew Leaders will teach you everything else you need to know!

“Where do Crew Leaders volunteer?” Crew Leaders are particularly needed in Salem, Washington County, Oregon City, Wilsonville, Milwaukie, and Vancouver — these are the areas where we have the most planting events scheduled in the upcoming Oct ’22-May ’23 season. If you’re willing to travel to these areas, that counts too! We’ll be planting at other locations in Multnomah and Clackamas Counties as well, but have fewer events.

“What is the time commitment for this role?” In total, you are expected to commit ~20 hours (this includes an online training + 4 planting events, ~4 hrs each). The planting events are mostly on Saturday mornings and you’ll have dozens to choose from October-May.  We’ll send you a list of events you’re qualified for after you complete the online training.

Do you have any age requirements?” We ask that Crew Leaders are age 16 or older. Youth 15 and younger are welcome to become Crew Leaders but we ask that they have an adult with them for all 4+ of their events.

“What about Covid-19?” Safety is our highest priority at Friends of Trees. We’re holding an online training (rather than gathering in a classroom setting), and planting events are outdoors where we encourage maintenance of 6’+ of physical distance and encourage mask-wearing when that is not possible. We are also requiring that everyone is fully vaccinated in order to participate at our events (with the exception of anyone ineligible for the vaccine, e.g. youth under age 5, folks severely immunocompromised, etc). Unfortunately, due to Covid we are not encouraging car pooling, it is highly recommend you have a personal vehicle when signing-up for this role. Please read more about our COVID-19 safety measures.