Why is everybody planting trees?

Check out the recent Mid-County Memo, which features Friends of Trees Neighborhood Trees Senior Specialist Andrew Land writing about trees in the city.

Andrew addresses the struggle some folks have had with managing their trees; the progress made in ensuring right tree-right place; and he emphasizes the overwhelming positive aspects of trees in the city, “…the evidence shows that trees are not only an asset but also part of the solution to many of society’s problems. How can I as an individual do my part to address climate change? Plant trees. What can I do to mitigate the particulate matter coming from the highway I live near that contributes to higher rates of asthma and respiratory problems in my community? Plant trees. What can help us keep contaminated water from running into the Willamette River? Trees.” Read more here.

Learn more about the benefits of trees here.

Want to get more involved? Volunteer to plant trees! Our season starts in October, choose a location from our volunteer events calendar and come get your hands dirty with us. We look forward to planting with you soon.