Staff Christmas Trees

Mid-January really isn’t the best time to show off staff Christmas Trees…CTT 011415 4 Crew Ready to Toss

Except we’re the type of people who possibly get more excited about the trees’ second life as a refuge for salmonids in the Columbia Slough than we do when the tree is all gussied up with lights and decorations.

CTT 011415 3 Ramsey Before 1

After consulting with local agencies, FoT’s Logan Lauvray and Katie Farmer took on the task of rounding up 16 used pines to create a habitat.CTT 011415 5 Crew In Action

The trees will form a barrier, protecting the fish from predators, offering a water break to keep the fish from getting pushed out of their homes by increased spring water flow and offering a habitat. After reading about how trees, free of tinsel, spray ‘snow’ and paint can be used as a natural refuge for salmonids— a general term for members of the salmon family—our Green Space team first worked on with a local boy scout troop on a similar project and repeated the activity this year.

F0T staff and volunteers sunk 13 trees, left 3 as floating barriers and because we don’t do things half way, fished out a few tires from the slough.

Way to regift.

CTT 011415 10 Installed Trees 3CTT 011415 8 Installed Trees 1