Ooze Tubes unravel mystery of summer watering

The secret of the Friends of Trees Ooze Tube
The Friends of Trees Ooze Tube makes water travel through several tiny holes previously thought to be invisible to the naked eye. (FOT file)

What costs $20, rhymes with ‘snooze,’ and lets homeowners sleepwalk through their summer time tree watering duties?

The Friends of Trees Ooze Tube, on sale now, is simple to install and relies on possibly even simpler technology that guarantees adequate tree watering for up to three weeks.

Friends of Trees plants several thousand new trees in Portland every year and even has a corps of Summer Inspectors who check on the health of young trees. The reality is that neglect happens, and in the dry summers it can lead to death for a tree.

If watering at least twice a week is not an option during the summer, homeowners should consider a drip irrigation system like the Ooze Tube for their watering needs.

Basically, each Ooze Tube comes with two special emitters that force water to travel through an elongated maze, ensuring that a very slow, continual drip absorbs into the tree’s surrounding soil.

Watch below for instructions on how to install, and call 503-282-8846 to order your Ooze Tube today!

–Toshio Suzuki