Neighborhood Trees plantings start in one month

Let the countdown begin.

More trees. More volunteers. More communities…this 20th anniversary planting season is going to break all the records for Friends of Trees and its Neighborhood Trees (NT) program.

Here’s what the staffers are saying:

Mary Harrell, 14th...15th plantings. (FOT file)
Mary Harrell. (FOT file)

–Mary, a veteran of 14 or 15 planting seasons, said she was just a city girl when she first came on board:

“I really do look forward to (planting season) every year.”

“I get excited every year, but come January I’m exhausted and we’ve only just begun.”

“For me, it’s all about seeing so many different people.”

Elizabeth Elbel, 2nd planting season. (FOT file)
Elizabeth Elbel. (FOT file)

–Elizabeth, entering her second season, said she planted “tons and tons” last year:

“I’m always excited to see people with new trees.”

“It’s fun to hang out, the volunteers are pretty unique.”

“I really like being outside in the cold weather when everyone’s bundled up.”

“I like planting trees in a row and seeing the complete transformation of a street.”

“It’s fun to wear the overalls and get muddy.”

Whitney Dorer. (FOT file)
Whitney Dorer. (FOT file)

–Whitney, going for season three, said she’s excited about lots of stuff:

“Soup contests.”

“I’m really excited so that I can start wearing my Muddy Gumper Swamp hat again.”

“The early morning excitement of plantings really are the best way to start my Saturday mornings.”

“I’m really excited about seeing the creativity that comes out of the bike plantings, and how people strap all these crazy trees and things to the back of their bike.”

The Friends of Trees countdown widget is up (right side of the blog)—check back for updates as the NT planting season approaches. Also, here is additional information regarding the planting schedule, deadlines for ordering and how to become a crew leader.