Friends of Trees gives pruning tips on KATU

You don’t need to wear a red blazer and heels to prune a tree, though it made great pruning attire for KATU’s Angelica Thornton.

Yesterday Friends of Trees’ Brighton West joined Angelica on the evening news to give Channel 2 viewers tree pruning tips for small trees.

How much more time does it take to prune a tree well than to prune a tree poorly?

“It’s the same amount of effort,” West explained, “and just a tiny bit of knowledge to get your trees healthy.”

Keep your trees healthy by pruning them properly and by watering them during the dry summer months. Friends of Trees also recommends hiring an ISA certified arborist to prune trees once every 5-7 years. 

Find more tree care tips on our web site and our blog, where Dr. Tree has offered advice on removing suckers and planting trees.

And remember: Street tree pruning often requires a permit. Check with your local government to learn more.