Be a tree advocate this summer

Meeting neighbors and members of the community on a beautiful summer evening - National Night Out, August 2009. (FoT File)

By Andy Meeks

By now you may know that our tree planting season runs from November to April because it’s the best time of year to plant trees: the trees are dormant and the rain is most plentiful. Though summer isn’t the best time to plant trees, it’s a great time to meet people and share our mission with the community. You can help us with this important summer activity. Be an advocate for a healthier, more livable community by becoming a summer festival volunteer with us!

The summer is our outreach season when we table at street fairs, farmers markets, festivals, and Sunday Parkways to raise awareness of what we do, recruit volunteers, and sign up people to buy street or yard trees for their home. It’s a fun way to be outside, enjoy community events, and talk with a range of interesting people.

We’re hosting a training on Saturday, June 5 designed to familiarize you with Friends of Trees so you feel comfortable speaking on our behalf. We’re an organization that likes to do good work and have fun while doing it!

We ask that you work at least two four-hour shifts between June and September. It’s amazing how quickly these hours can go by when you’re engaged in conversation and enjoying the weather and scene around you.

Summer festival volunteer training will be on Saturday, June 5, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the PCC Cascade Campus – 705 N Killingsworth, Portland 97217 – Terrell Hall, Room 112.

Please contact Andy Meeks at [email protected] or 503-282-8846, ext. 24 to sign up or for more information.  Please consider joining our amazing volunteer team!

Meeks is the Volunteer & Outreach Specialist with Friends of Trees.