Get to know our partner: Chemawa Indian School

Friends of Trees has been partnering with Chemawa Indian School in Salem for more than five years. Our partnership includes training Chemawa students as Crew Leaders for our planting events in Salem and engaging hundreds of Chemawa students at tree planting and tree care events, including activities at the Chemawa Indian School campus.

This partnership has been driven by dedicated teachers and staff at Chemawa who are passionate about creating opportunities for the students to participate in their community through improving the environment while building their leadership skills.

Chemawa teacher Paula Stuart explains why the partnership is so valuable to Chemawa, Friends of Trees’ offer to donate trees on Chemawa’s campus has increased awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship. Students who might not have otherwise noticed have joined in, sometimes merely tempted by donuts and hot chocolate, then catching the joy of working outside in teams of happy diggers.”

Paula continues, “Science teachers at the school have offered credit for participation and I am ever so happy that this active engagement has influenced several students’ interest in pursuing environmental careers.”

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Old Black Walnut trees removed in Salem

Six giant Black Walnut trees were felled yesterday on the Oregon State Hospital campus in Salem to make room for power lines and an improved intersection, reported The Statesman Journal.

The trees were estimated to be between 75 and 100 years old.

Excerpt from the story:

Cuong Manh Nguyen took a break from his business, Center Street Auto Services, to express his complaint.
“Oh man, why are they cutting down the trees?” he asked. “I need those trees to cool down my shop in the summer. Now, I’m losing all my shade.”
After working at the auto shop for 25 years, Nguyen said it was tough to deal with the sudden loss of the towering trees.
“I’m really disappointed,” he said. “They’re not bothering anybody. It seems like such a waste.”

Thanks to EarthShare Oregon for the story link.

–Toshio Suzuki

Salem tree bomber faces multiple charges

A Salem man detonated explosives in an attempt to remove this tree last week. (Statesman Journal)
A Salem man detonated explosives in an attempt to remove this tree last week. (Statesman Journal)

The Statesman Journal in Salem got national attention last week after a man reportedly used explosives to remove a tree.

Besides charges of disorderly conduct, possession of illegal fireworks and unlawful manufacture of a destructive device, Zachary Leone, 19, will likely face additional charges, as a search warrant has been issued for his home, according to the Associated Press and The L.A. Times.

“There will be more charges,” Sgt. Mark Garton of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office told the Statesman Journal. How many more charges depends on how many manufactured destructive devices the Salem Police Bomb Squad find in the home, Garton said.

Diana Hill, who lives across the street from Leone, said the teen stopped by her house earlier that afternoon and told her to expect some noise because he was going to take a tree out from his yard.

Hill said she asked how he was going to take the tree out.

“And he says: ‘I’m going to blow it up.’ … We didn’t think he was actually going to do that,” she said.

Although no injuries were reported in this instance, tree removal can be dangerous. Friends of Trees suggests all tree-owners contact their local urban forestry representatives when contemplating the removal of a tree. If removal is approved, the next step is to find a certified arborist.

–Toshio Suzuki