The Many Loves of Garry Oak

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our mascot, Garry Oak, has been thinking about a new treeheart.

garry montage

It’s hard being alone on the day of love, commitment, and romance. So Garry has been getting his roots wet meeting potential partners.

garry montage 2

It’s difficult to find that special someone when you’re a mascot. Not all the choices are healthy…

garry montage 3

Although there are sporty options, cats and trees don’t always mix…

garry montage 4

Birds and Trees are a little better.

GArry montage 5

Garry, seriously, ask what this guy does for a living! Talk to Joey about how he came by the nickname, Timber.

garry montage 6

We hope Garry gets what he needs for Valentine’s Day. We can still help you honor that special someone. This year, we’re excited to offer special gift certificates you can give to your Valentines. See our Valentine’s Day Gift Tree packs

garry oak valentines