Trail Blazer 3-Pointers Plant 15,000 Trees

The Threes for Trees partnership between the Portland Trail Blazers, Daimler Trucks North America, and Friends of Trees was celebrated at the season opener

“The Trail Blazers are honored to partner with Daimler Trucks North America and Friends of Trees in support of Threes for Trees. Planting over 15,000 trees is an incredible milestone, and it has been amazing to see the transformation of the Sandy River Delta over the past four seasons. We are proud to partner with these two amazing organizations that continue to make a positive impact on our environment.”

– Christa Stout, Vice President of Social Responsibility, Portland Trail Blazers

Over the past four seasons, Daimler Trucks North America, a leader in 100% battery electric vehicles, teamed up with the Trail Blazers and Friends of Trees to improve our environment. Thanks to the Threes for Trees program together we plant three trees for every three-point field goal made. On April 13, 2018, we planted our 15,000th tree in the Sandy River Delta. Thanks to the reforestation of this area, native wildlife has returned to the Delta to live and breed for the first time in years.

Pictured here during the post-halftime shovel presentation on opening night is Scott Fogarty, Executive Director of Friends of Trees; Eileen Frack, Daimler’s General Manager of Human Resources; and Christa Stout, Vice President of Social Responsibility for the Portland Trail Blazers. A happy side-note is that this season opener belonged to the Blazers, who made 13, three-point shots which plant 39 trees!

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