Volunteer Spotlight: Vianey Mohr

“Trees Give Me Confidence”

Vianey Mohr on why she loves volunteering with Friends of Trees

Vianey was supposed to be an assistant crew leader at her very first planting event. As fate would have it, she would have to step into the crew leader role right away.

“I thought, OMG, how am I going to do this,” Vianey says. “But all the volunteers were so nice and supportive.”

Originally from Mexico, Vianey has lived in Salem for 12 years. She speaks English as a second language, and was worried about communicating with her crew. Between her crew leader training and the support of her crewmates, everything went great.

“Trees give me confidence. I proved to myself that I can do it,” Vianey says. “I don’t have to be scared to communicate.”

Vianey’s love of trees brought her to Friends of Trees. She has the equivalent of a bachelor’s in forestry from her education in Mexico, and she is volunteering with Friends of Trees as part of her Cooperative Work Experience.

“As an immigrant, you never know if you can continue your career,” Vianey says. “I’m so happy I am able to continue mine here.”

Vianey has stepped into a variety of roles with Friends of Trees, leading crews at events, helping at pruning workshops, even delivering trees with our staff. She’s learned the details of planning and preparation that go beyond planting trees. Still, planting is her favorite part.

“I really like the feeling of dirt on my hands,” she says. “It’s my connection to the planet.”

Vianey wants to share that connection with her family. Whenever she can, she brings her husband and children to planting events. This month, they all attended the Salmonberry Trail plant rescue.

“I bring my kids to events to show them how trees are important,” she says. “They have a good time, and that’s awesome. I want to share my love for trees with them.”

Vianey also leads Spanish-speaking crews, helping make our planting events more inclusive.

“I really like that Friends of Trees provides opportunities for the whole community,” she says. With her love of trees, care for the planet, and connection to community, Vianey truly exemplifies the spirit of Friends of Trees.