Prudent planting protocol: dress appropriately

Twenty-nine days until the Neighborhood Trees planting season begins on Nov. 7 (see counter, right). Plenty of time to get your planting gear situated.

As a courtesy reminder to our veteran volunteers, and as a cautionary note to our rookies, Oregon in the fall and winter transitions to a damp climate—damp to very damp.

Good attire for planting: waterproof gear; and warm gear.

Bad attire for planting: sandals; Uggs; white sneakers; non-waterproof gear; non-warm gear; and basically, any garment that is afraid of dirt or foliage markings.

Note the differences:

Proper planting attire
Elizabeth demonstrates the good and the bad. (FOT file)
Proper planting attire
Toshio demonstrates the good and the bad. (FOT file)

Any other suggestions or first-hand sightings of ‘bad planting attire?’

–Toshio Suzuki