Plant It Portland!

Good Things Do Grow on Trees - Plant It Portland!

Friends of Trees’ new Plant It Portland yard signs and door hangers are popping up across Portland. You can add green (and colorful signs) to your neighborhood, too.

Just find a tree for your home and encourage your friends and neighbors to find their trees at Friends of Trees, too. With everyone’s help, Plant It Portland will add thousands of street and yard trees to Portland neighborhoods during the next three years.

The trees will shade our homes, beautify our neighborhoods, and keep our rivers healthy.

Find your tree here!

Many thanks to the amazing team at Frank Creative for creating the fun and friendly Plant It Portland campaign, and to nationally-recognized, local artist Amy Ruppel, who designed the artwork for the campaign.

Learn more about Plant It Portland and how easy it is to plant with us. Together we can make Portland the greenest city in the world.

–Teri Ruch

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  • I rent a house in the N. Lombard Corridor at the corner of Jordan and Oberlin. Plant it Portland just planted six trees in my parking strip last week. I love the additional trees, but I am worried about one of them. When I came home from work and found the trees, I noticed that the top had been broken off of one of the Ginkos. There is a split in the remaining trunk and I worry that it will not grow into a healthy old tree. I don’t know if there is anything I can do, or if an arborist should be consulted.

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