Neighborhood Coordinating: I Did & You Can Too!

By Ian Bonham

NOPO NC team
North Portland Neighborhood Coordinator team

Do you want to see more tree-lined streets in your neighborhood? Need a good way to get connected with your community? Want to beef up that resume? Or maybe you just want to snag one of our coveted Tree Team t-shirts?

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I did – and now my neighborhood is 250 trees greener with the help of more than 200 volunteers on a single Saturday morning! And none of it would have happened without a fun team of five volunteer Neighborhood Coordinators and one FOT staff member.

As one of the NC’s for the Piedmont neighborhood in North Portland, I learned more about trees and built great relationships between my neighbors – from down the block to across the neighborhood.

Five NCs and one FOT staff member helped plan a 250 tree planting with over 200 volunteers! (2.1.2014)

I got to be the local neighborhood hub of information for my neighbors who wanted to plant trees and the volunteers who wanted to help plant them! I called and emailed my neighbors to help them find the best tree for their space and how they could help out for the big neighborhood planting day. And finally, I helped to organize and throw a huge neighborhood-wide planting party with breakfast, coffee, and lunch with FOT staff, volunteers and all of my neighbors.

Neighborhood Coordinating was a fun way to have an impact on what my neighborhood would look like the next spring – and 50 years down the road!

You can make a difference in your neighborhood! Friends of Trees has over 100 active NCs  in Portland and Vancouver, but there are still neighborhoods that currently have no Neighborhood Coordinators (or could use a little support!):

Now recruiting Neighborhood Coordinators!

Portland NeighborhoodsVancouver Neighborhoods
North Portland
– St. Johns
– University Park
– Cathedral Park


NE Portland
– N. Tabor
– Grant Park
– Rose City Park

SE Portland
– Eastmoreland
– Lents
– Sunnyside
– Mt. Tabor
– Mt. Scott-Arleta
– Brentwood-Darlington
– S. Tabor
– Creston-Kenilworth

East Portland
– Powelhurst-Gilbert
– Centennial
– Mill Park
– Glenfair
– Parkrose
– Argay
– Russell
– Wilkes
– Pleasant Valley

West Vancouver
– Arnada
– Rose Village
– Shumway


Central Vancouver
– Burton Ridge
– Meadow Homes
– Oakbrook
– Ogden
– Vancouver Heights

NE Vancouver
– Burnt Bridge Creek
– Fircrest
– Hearthwood
– Image
– North Image
– First Place

SE Vancouver
– Cascade Southeast
– Fisher’s Landing
– Mountain View
– Wildwood

See your neighborhood?

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*If you don’t see your neighborhood (and you live in N, NE, SE, or E Portland OR other Vancouver neighborhoods) we could still use your help by joining an already established Neighborhood Coordinator Team!*

If you have any questions or would like more information about the NC role, please don’t hesitate to contact Jenny or Ian in the Volunteer & Outreach Program at gro.seertfosdneirf@reetnulov or 503-595-0213.

This could be the result of your hard work in just a few years time!
A tree-lined street in Portland: this could be the result of your hard work in just a few years!
Introductions at the Piedmont/Woodlawn planting (2/1/14) before we left to plant 250 trees!











– Ian is the Volunteer & Outreach Program Specialist for Friends of Trees (…and a Neighborhood Coordinator for the Piedmont Neighborhood)