An open call for Neighborhood Coordinators

You may have heard that Friends of Trees plants thousands of street and yard trees each year in the Portland-Vancouver metro area. It’s kind of our thing. It’s cold, wet, muddy business and in the heart of winter, no less! But did you know that even before we get out our shovels and gloves, there’s an incredible team of community members that’s already been working to make these plantings a success? I’m talking about our volunteer Neighborhood Coordinators, our behind the scenes superheros, and this is an open call for new recruits!

One of our large SE Portland Neighborhood Coordinator teams making plans around the kitchen table
One of our large SE Portland Neighborhood Coordinator teams making plans around the kitchen table

Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs) are Friends of Trees liaisons in their neighborhood,  encouraging neighbors to get trees, helping them select the trees that are right for their space/interests, and then helping manage the planting day for their neighborhood. They never go it alone – our staff and other neighboring NCs are there to work alongside new NCs!

We train incoming Neighborhood Coordinators on an individual or small-group basis. Once trained by our staff on our tree-ordering system and planting event timelines, NCs bring their own personal flare to the role, encouraging their community to come together around trees. It’s a great way to gain leadership skills, build a deeper relationship with your neighborhood, and have a super fun time while bringing the benefits of trees to all. Groovy? Sign up now to join our tree team as a Neighborhood Coordinator in your area this season (sign-up deadline is Sept 1st — but don’t wait to sign-up if you’re interested!).

NE Portland Neighborhood Coordinators show some smiles
Starr has been a Neighborhood Coordinator in Cully for many years -- read her perspective on Neighborhood Coordinating HERE.
Starr has been a Neighborhood Coordinator in Cully for many years — read her perspective on Neighborhood Coordinating.











Despite having an incredible crew of NCs already (nearly 100!), we are still searching for volunteers to support neighborhoods that have a small NC team, or none at all! We’re aiming to train new NCs who are able to commit an average of ~10 hrs/month for the 4-6 months before their neighborhood planting (Nov-March depending on neighborhood). The busiest time is often the month or two before your planting. If that’s too much commitment, we’ll work with you to find a way to participate in a way that works for your schedule.

We’re accepting new NCs in all neighborhoods we plant in (N, NE, SE, and E Portland and Vancouver) but are particularly interested in finding individuals from the following neighborhoods:

Now recruiting Neighborhood Coordinators!

Portland NeighborhoodsVancouver Neighborhoods
North Portland
– St. Johns
– University Park
– Cathedral Park
– Arbor Lodge
– Kenton

NE Portland
– North Tabor
– Boise
– Grant Park
– Vernon

SE Portland
– Eastmoreland
– Lents
– Sunnyside
– Mt. Tabor
– Mt. Scott-Arleta
– Brentwood-Darlington
– South Tabor
– Creston-Kenilworth
– Powelhurst-Gilbert

East Portland
– Centennial
– Mill Park
– Glenfair
– Parkrose
– Parkrose Heights
– Argay
– Sumner
– Russell
– Wilkes
– Pleasant Valley

West Vancouver
– Arnada
– Rose Village
– Shumway

Central Vancouver
– Burton Ridge
– Meadow Homes
– Oakbrook
– Ogden
– Vancouver Heights

NE Vancouver
– Burnt Bridge Creek
– Fircrest
– Hearthwood
– Image
– North Image
– First Place

SE Vancouver
– Cascade Southeast
– Fisher’s Landing
– Mountain View
– Wildwood

Salem and Oregon City neighborhoods
– NESCA and Lansing
– Barclay Hills and McLoughlin

See your neighborhood?

Sign up here to help your neighborhood grow greener!

Sign-up deadline: Sept 1st, 2015

*If you don’t see your neighborhood (and you live in N, NE, SE, or E Portland, Vancouver, Oregon City and Salem neighborhoods) we could still use your help by joining an already established Neighborhood Coordinator Team!*

Questions?  Comments?  Please let us know at gro.seerTfosdneirF@reetnuloV or 503-595-0213.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

Randi is the Volunteer & Outreach Specialist with Friends of Trees