National recognition for The Joinery, G2G

(The Joinery)

The Joinery—a long-time Friends of Trees partner and local maker of exquisite wood furniture (see left)—was recently honored with a Green Power Leadership Award from the Environmental Protection Agency.

EPA Green Power Partners use 100 percent green power and demonstrate a dedication to environmentally sensitive business practices.

“We like to be on the forefront of new ideas and ways to be kind to mother earth,” said company founder Marc Gaudin on the EPA Web site.

Congratulations to The Joinery and the dozens of other Oregon institutions already on the Green Power Partner List.

The rain garden at Glencoe Elementary School. (BES)
The rain garden at Glencoe Elementary School. (BES)

Also, in recognition of its Grey to Green program, Portland was recently named by American Rivers as one of the nation’s top ‘Water Wise‘ communities. The report outlines its case study on Portland, which is implementing ‘small-scale green techniques’ that reduce the amount of storm water entering sewers, limiting the potential for overflows.

From the report: “Furthermore, unlike traditional approaches, green infrastructure provides a host of additional benefits such as groundwater recharge, improved air quality, lower temperatures and more beautiful neighborhoods. They are also more cost effective; in one project, Portland saved $63 million by incorporating swales and trees into a sewer rehabilitation projects.”

A thanks to American Rivers for the notice.