Happy Earth Day & 75th Anniversary!

Congratulations to Collier Arbor Care for 75 Years!Friends of Trees congratulates Collier Arbor Care for taking care of trees in the Northwest for 75 years. The company’s public anniversary celebration will be on April 27, National Arbor Day.

This ad in the Living section of today’s Oregonian features Terrill Collier, his son Quentin, and their dog, Wizard.

“The trees we’re planting today will shade my family and others for generations to come. This is especially significant to us this year, as we celebrate 75 years of caring for trees in northwest communities.”

– Terrill Collier, Collier Arbor Care, Board Certified Master Arborist

Thank you, Collier Arbor Care and The Oregonian, for your generous support for Friends of Trees’ community tree-planting projects!