Take Tree Selfies for our Earth Month Scavenger Hunt!

#FriendsWithTrees Scavenger Hunt

This year for Earth Month, we’re going to play a little game and we want you to join in! It’s a scavenger hunt for some of our favorite tree friends. We’ll post the challenges—all you have to do is find the right tree and post a selfie with it!

Each new challenge will ask you to find a particular tree near you—maybe by species or age or maybe just evoking a certain quality. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for posts on Sundays and Wednesdays at noon, for all of April.

Tag Friends of Trees and use #FriendsWithTrees in a post or a story to get a chance to win special prizes like Friends of Trees gear and more. The very first participant wins a Friends of Trees hoodie. All other participants are entered to win a hoodie, Columbia Sportswear gear, and more. You get one entry for every post you make!


Find a tree with a Friends of Trees tag on it! Take and post a selfie with your new tree friend. (If you can’t find a Friends of Trees tag in your neighborhood, no worries: just a post a young tree that’s got a lot of potential!)


Flower power! It’s that time of year for trees to really glam it up. Take a selfie with a flowering tree friend. Bonus point if you ID it!


Let’s live up to our Tree-Hugger name! Find a tree that you can’t quite wrap your arms around. Beyond showing love, it’s a good way to ballpark diameter at breast eight, or DBH, which can be used to estimate the tree’s volume, biomass, and carbon storage.


“I planted that!” Who planted trees or native plants with us this year? Share one of your favorite pictures from a neighborhood or natural area planting. We love what we do because we get to work with community members like you!


So much mulch! Find a tree with that picture perfect mulch job! Let this also serve as a reminder to replenish your mulch if you haven’t already. It will retain moisture and fend off trees and make your trees oh so happy!


Sun’s out—throw some shade! Trees help lower the temperature as much as ten degrees. They keep your home cool and save on energy costs. Plant them now so they can provide shade for you later! Post a selfie from the shade!