Carbon Sequestration – the Green Dot Project

By Brighton West

The Green Dot Project facilitates a substantiated community consensus building process which increases human capacity to implement, measure, innovative and adopt methods to put carbon in the ground. They provide the local community with education, capacity building, problem-solving, and organizational strategies for planning and carrying out action strategies. The consensus-driven action plans are created by community members, including elders, young individuals, nonprofits, for-profits, and governmental agencies. In the consensus building process, fears are expressed and addressed, transformational beliefs and behaviors are identified and cultivated, a mechanism for action is firmly established, and action plans are developed.

While the prognosis for a stable climate appears bleak, we can and must rapidly sequester significant amounts of carbon to offset the dangerous amounts of carbon in the atmosphere. Massive carbon sequestration can be accomplished through increased, community-supported photosynthesis and food production.

Here are two upcoming event opportunities to get more people getting involved in carbon sequestration efforts.

  • On Monday, May 11, 5pm-7:30pm, Portland State University, 1600 SW 4th Av, Room 123, Jeff Goebel will give a presentation about the Green Dot Project climate change solution initiative. If you plan to attend, but will be late, please text Deidre Schuetz at 503-730-4452, because the building will be locked at 5:30pm.
  • On Tuesday, May 12, 911am, 2100 Nw 19th Av, Suite A, we will hold a community meeting for people interested in strategizing and participating in the Green Dot Project.

–West is a Deputy Director for Friends of Trees.