Tree clippings: news clips about trees…


The Washington Post is dreaming about 300 feet tall Redwoods and reports the tallest in their area is this 107 feet tall White Oak.

–Thinking of cutting down some trees in Palo Alto? Not without a permit, or you may get a $142,500 fine like one resident did, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

–Documentary photographer, Joel Meyerowitz, snaps these tree-filled shots of New York parks for The New York Times.

–A federal horticulturalist in Iowa is sending millions of Ash Tree seeds to a freezer before it is too late, reports the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.

–And some local headlines, if you haven’t already read:

Oregon thinning project tests Obama forest policy, reports the AP.

No leaf pickup tax or drop-off depots this year in Portland, reports The Oregonian

Oregon trapped only a handful of tree-killing gypsy moths this year, reports The Oregonian