How rock band Cake plants a tree

Like many winners of trees at a Cake concert, this woman submitted a picture of the persimmon tree she won last year at a Dallas, Texas show to the rock band's Web site. (

The rock band Cake is currently on its national summer tour, playing such hits as ‘Never There’ and ‘Satan is my Motor,’ all the while giving trees to lucky audience members.

The popular band has been doing this for several years, according to front-man John McCrea at a concert in 2008, “Just because I think trees are pretty great.”

As the video below will show, the distribution process is not so structured.

Sometimes contestants are asked to have a dance-off, or in the video below, an informal tree quiz is administered.

Either way, all tree winners are responsible to plant the tree in a good home and submit pictures to their tree winner database.

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–Toshio Suzuki