How James Cameron plants a tree

James Cameron, second from left, plants a tree in Brazil earlier this month.(

James Cameron, director of the tree-centric Avatar, recently planted trees in Brazil and elsewhere in promotion of environmental concerns and the release of his record-breaking film to DVD and Blu-ray.

In Brazil, Cameron lobbied on behalf of indigenous tribes that live along the Amazon River and are opposed to the development of the $11 billion Belo Monte dam, according to the Associated Press.

Cameron and actress Sigourney Weaver planted a pau-brasil tree—a native species that is fighting extinction.

Cameron is visiting several countries and planting trees, all in congruence with Earth Day and the release of Avatar for home sales.

Avatar is a futuristic sci-fi film in which native peoples on another planet are threatened by inter-galactic (American?) developers.

Friends of Trees supports all native species tree-planting efforts—the Green Space Initiative program plants almost all native trees—and officially invites all Academy Award winning directors to any planting event.

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–Toshio Suzuki