Friends of Trees Yard Signs!

Show Love For Your Tree!

Get a Friends of Trees Yard Sign

Do you have a tree from Friends of Trees in your yard or planting strip? Or any tree that you love and want to show off? We want to celebrate your tree and the benefits it provides with a beautiful yard sign! We also want people to know how important trees are to their communities.

Whether your tree was planted last week or 30 years ago, if your tree can be seen from the street or sidewalk we’d love for you to have a yard sign. Think of it as your tree’s sign, rather than your own!

If you need to get your yard sign DELIVERED please complete this form

Please note: Currently delivery is only available in Vancouver, north Portland, inner northeast Portland, and outer southeast Portland. However, if you live outside of these areas and absolutely cannot pick up a yard sign at any of the locations below, please complete the delivery form and we’ll let you know if and when we can deliver your sign.

Can you pick-up your yard sign? Here are current pick-up locations:
all are front porch pick-ups, just leave your name & email address on the form that’s with the signs, and grab your sign!

NE Portland – the Friends of Trees office
3117 NE MLK Jr Blvd, Portland 97212

North Portland
9949 N Polk Ave 97203
6336 N Burrage Ave, Portland, OR 97217

Outer SE Portland
7814 SE Madison St 97215

Vancouver, WA
2909 M St 98683

Help us tell the story of what happens when you plant trees The Friends of Trees Way. Planting a tree is taking climate action that keeps us healthy, because trees clean our air, shade our streets, and make our neighborhoods livable. When planted with the power of volunteers, trees grow community. And when planted in neighborhoods that need them the most, trees are climate justice.

If you have neighbors who have a Friends of Trees tree or just an awesome tree, feel free to grab a sign for them, too!

We’re offering these yard signs for free, but we encourage you to donate to cover its cost if you are able! Click here to donate.

Let’s spread the word about why trees are amazing!

*These signs were printed locally on recyclable materials using methods that minimize waste. They’re made to last, and we hope folks who get a yard sign keep them up for some time! When you’re done with yours, we ask that you recycle it, or return it to us to reuse or recycle.