Eugene volunteers beautify riverfront natural area

By Jennifer Killian

Eugene volunteers
Nearly 100 volunteers planted native trees and shrubs in the Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park in Eugene.

Last Saturday on a chilly but spring-like morning, Friends of Trees volunteers planted 240 native trees and shrubs in the Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park. The the City of Eugene generously funded Friends of Trees’ work on this shrub pod project.

We were impressed to see  nearly 100 volunteers attend our event, with a large representation from the University of Oregon.

The planting area was divided into 6 pods, designed by City of Eugene Parks and Open Space Natural Resources staff. Each pod had one Oregon white oak and 39 other trees and shrubs such as buckbrush, red-flowering currant, black hawthorn, Oregon grape and snowberry.

While many of the trees were given specific locations within the pods to ensure the best growing conditions, the remaining shrubs were laid out and planted by the volunteers themselves, who were delighted to contribute.

The site looks absolutely amazing and I encourage anyone to visit the area as it grows and thrives, knowing that the hard work and dedication of the City of Eugene, Friends of Trees staff and volunteers played a huge role in the success of this planting!

We continue to be awed and inspired by the work and dedication of our volunteers. Thanks to everyone who made the day such a success, including a donation from Track Town Pizza to help feed volunteers.