3,631 trees and shrubs planted in two months

It’s almost time for Friends of Trees to give thanks.

Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, marks the two-month mark for this year’s planting season. In two months and only seven full plantings, Friends of Trees planted 3,631 trees and shrubs.

Not bad Green Space Initiative program (GSI)—not bad Neighborhood Trees program (NT):

Sept. 26, GSI planting/training, Browns Ferry Park, Tualatin = 120 trees & shrubs

Oct. 10, GSI planting, Mary Woodward, Tigard = 1800 trees & shrubs —complete coverage

GSI planting in Tigard

Oct. 17, GSI planting, S. Portland River Bank = 700 trees & shrubs —complete coverage

GSI planting, Willamette River

Nov. 7, NT planting/training, Vancouver = 140 trees

NT planting, Vancouver

Nov. 8, GSI planting along I-205 = 30 trees —complete coverage

Arbor Day Conference I-205 Planting

Nov. 14, GSI planting/training, Audubon Society = 400 trees & shrubs —complete coverage

GSI planting, Audubon Society

Nov. 21, GSI planting, King City Park = 320 trees & shrubs

GSI planting, King City

Nov. 21, NT planting/training, Brooklyn & Sellwood = 121 trees —complete coverage

NT planting, Sellwood

–Toshio Suzuki