Accessible Volunteer Opportunities

Planting trees and growing healthy communities together.

At Friends of Trees, our main activity is to engage community members by planting trees to make our environment and neighborhoods a healthier place for all. To do that, we rely on amazing volunteers who plant thousands of trees and native plants every year. To make sure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to engage in these activities and get the benefits of planting trees together, we want to make sure everyone knows the nature of the work we do and our efforts to be more accessible.

Our planting events are generally English-speaking and physical in nature — from getting to the sites to actually planting the trees themselves. The general work of a volunteer is to plant trees, which often requires some heavy lifting, bending, digging, stake pounding, and/or watering. However, we do have other volunteer roles that are just as important and valuable in ensuring that planting events are successful. Volunteers support in registration, welcoming folks to a site, sorting plants, cleaning tools, and general maintenance of our staging site area. We encourage you to reach out to our Volunteer & Outreach Program if you would like to explore any of these different volunteer roles or if you have language preference beyond English.

We also welcome volunteers with their caregivers and those who may need extra assistance. If you have a group of folks who need some extra assistance and have caregivers, please let us know the nature of work you would like to do. If the group is able to plant trees with their caregivers, we are very happy to accommodate by designing a crew that has similar needs.