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kezi news says: Happy Birthday, Friends of Trees!

Posted on September 15, 2014 at 8:04 pm

Friends of Trees is turning 25, and guess who get’s the gift? Well you can, as the reporter announces in this interview with Eugene Volunteer Programs Manager Jennifer Killian for KEZI Channel 9.

Greening the Capitol: Salem Crew Leader Training on October 25th!

Posted on September 10, 2014 at 1:18 pm

By Katie Dennis

katiedennis 279x300 Greening the Capitol: Salem Crew Leader Training on October 25th!

Katie leading a planting crew at Morningside Elementary School (4.5.2014)

Have you considered becoming a Friends of Trees Crew Leader? You don’t need to be a plant geek (although you’ll feel right at home if you are.) No botanical experience necessary. Do you like people? Have a sense of humor? Friends of Trees wants YOU.

Register Here for the October 25th
Salem Crew Leader Training

I am in the midst of a 60-year love affair with trees. Nestled in their boughs as a child, stringing hammocks beneath their shade. Learning their names and origins. And planting and caring for them.

In 2008, the great recession looming, I lost my job as Horticulturist at a botanical garden. To temper my employment search, I looked for new ways to give back to my community. I tried volunteering with several nonprofits. At long last I stumbled upon Friends of Trees. Just the name itself – Friends of Trees – was a fit. Who wouldn’t want to be a friend to trees?!

Once I stepped into the Crew Leader role with FOT, I was hooked. This is a friendly, intelligent, passionate organization. Our planting events are a HOOT! No doubt, trees have a way of opening our hearts and unclouding our minds. Sitting Bull said, “Healthy feet can hear the very heartbeat of the Earth.” Maybe that explains why I feel so incredibly happy after a planting event.

Think about joining the ranks of FOT Crew Leaders. I hope you’ll answer the ‘call’ to your latest rewarding urban adventure!

Register Here for the October 25th training. For more information, contact Jenny & Ian at or call 503-595-0213.

-Katie is a volunteer Crew Leader & Salem Plantings Coordinator for Friends of Trees


Infographic: How trees keep kids from missing school

Posted on September 9, 2014 at 9:54 am

PSU infographic final1 Infographic: How trees keep kids from missing school

 America’s best airport gets better with trees

Posted on September 8, 2014 at 2:02 pm
PortofPortland2 300x134  America’s best airport gets better with trees

The Port of Portland has supported Friends of Trees’ planting programs since 2008 through the Airport Futures program.
Photo: Port of Portland

You may have heard that PDX—Portland International Airport—was recently named America’s Best Airport by Travel + Leisure. But did you also know that our airport is responsible for planting thousands of trees?

The Port of Portland—which includes the Portland International Airport, Troutdale and Hillsboro airports, four marine terminals, and several industrial properties—has supported Friends of Trees since 2008 as part of its ongoing commitment to stewardship and through the Airport Futures tree canopy enhancement program.

Elrod 600x193  America’s best airport gets better with trees

Volunteers planted 90 large trees last year along Elrod Slough, which runs through Port of Portland land.
Photo: Port of Portland.

In 2013, we worked together to transform Elrod Slough, a section of the Columbia Slough that runs through an industrial park off of NE 33rd Ave. to the east of the airport. Port staff got their hands dirty along with members of the Timbers Army and other volunteers to plant 90 large 8- to 12-foot trees along the slough, turning a man-made channel into a place where nature has an opportunity to coexist.

This planting was organized in partnership with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council, which has transformed the slough over the years from a place where hazardous chemicals were dumped to a place where fish, birds and boaters thrive.

The project was also funded by the Multnomah County Drainage District and received planting, water and care support from the City of Portland’s Revegetation Program and Verde.

The Elrod Slough planting is just one example of the Port’s support. The Port has helped bring trees to the nearby Cully neighborhood for several years. This upcoming season alone, the Port will sponsor seven plantings in area neighborhoods and regional green spaces, sending many of their own staff members as volunteers to join the fun.

If that’s not enough, we’re also honored to have the Port of Portland as our Platinum Sponsor for our 25th Anniversary gala, Once Upon a Tree, later this month.

We’d like to thank the Port of Portland for being such a leader in sustainability and for their longstanding and generous support of Friends of Trees. Here’s to many more trees planted together in the years to come!