Truck Drivers

Help deliver trees to their new homes!

Truck Driver Volunteers

Saturday mornings, 8:30am - 1:00pm

Do you have a free Saturday morning and access to a pickup truck? Pickup truck drivers are incredibly important to our planting crews, helping deliver trees to their planting locations in the neighborhood.

Truck drivers arrive at the neighborhood meeting spot to find their parking spot, sign in, meet the planting crew, and enjoy some coffee and breakfast treats. We’ll load up your truck with planting tools and about ten trees by 9am. Your planting crew will stop at three or four houses around the neighborhood to plant trees until about 1pm. You are also welcome to help your planting crew plant these 10 trees, although it’s not a required part of this role. The planting will conclude with a potluck lunch provided by neighbors as a way to thank tree planters and truck drivers for their hard work.