Summer Tree Inspector

Where: Summer Tree Inspectors are needed in the neighborhoods of Eugene, Gresham, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Portland,  and Vancouver.

When: Summer Tree Inspectors are needed between May and August.

More About this Role: 

Summer Inspectors are one of our most popular volunteer roles! Being a Summer Inspector gives you a chance to work in your community and teach your neighbors how to best care for their new tree(s) during the critical first summer after planting. This role can be done on your own schedule and is a great way to enjoy some sunshine. Not a bad way to do some fun work!

Time Commitment: We estimate that the overall time commitment after the training is approximately 7-9 hours between June and August. This is to inspect a route of ~20- 30 trees, twice: once by mid-June and again by early August. Whether you drive, walk, wheel, or bike your route — it’s up to you!

Completing an online training is required for this role. In this training, you’ll receive expert instruction regarding tree care techniques from FOT staff and professional arborists.