Summer Tree Inspector

Where: The neighborhoods of Cedar Mill/Cedar Hills, Eugene, Gresham, Milwaukie, Oregon City, NE Portland/North Portland, Salem, Vancouver and Wilsonville.

When: Summer Tree Inspectors are needed between May and August.  Full for summer 2023.

More About this Role: 

Summer Inspectors are one of our most popular volunteer roles! Being a Summer Inspector gives you a chance to learn about young tree health, work in your community,  share your tree knowledge with your neighbors to ensure the long-term survival of their young trees, and increase the shade and health benefits that the urban canopy provides. This role can be done on your own schedule and is a great way to enjoy some sunshine. Not a bad way to do some fun work!

Inspection routes include trees planted along streets and trees planted on private property in front yards and backyards. We will not collect data on backyard trees, we acknowledge the inherent risks of inspecting trees behind fences on private property. We recommend bringing a buddy to inspect your route!

You’ll have the option to select which city/neighborhood you’re interested in. We do our best to honor this request.

Time Commitment: We estimate that the overall time commitment–including the online training and two rounds of inspections— to be between 8-10 hours between May and August.

Completing an online training is required for this role. In this training, you’ll receive expert instruction regarding tree care techniques from FOT staff and professional arborists.