Quaking Aspen 'Prairie Gold'

Populus tremuloides

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Quaking Aspen are deciduous trees that have a smooth and light cream colored bark and simple, ovate leaves. The trees rounded green leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow in the fall. The common name "quaking" aspen comes from the fluttering movement the leaves make with even the slightest breeze.

Growing Conditions:
This tree can handle a variety of growing conditions from clay to sand. It is widely distributed around North America and fast growing.

Ornamental value. Fall colors.

40' at maturity

15' at maturity


Most trees are dieocious, but some have been known to have both male and female flowers. The flower catkins appear in spring.

Simple and ovate green leaves that alternate on branches turn a golden yellow in the fall.

The bark is usually a green-white to cream color and turns more brown and gray as it ages.

More Information:
NOTE BEFORE PLANTING: Tree spreads by rootsprouts, so do not plant in your yard unless you plan to remove these manually or install a barrier.