Oxydendrum Arboreum

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Interesting Flower Easy to Maintain Valuable to wildlife

In midsummer this tree produces beautiful fragrant white flowers that contrast nicely against the glossy green foliage. In the fall, leaves are very showy, turning stunning shades of gold, crimson and red/purple. Sourwood typically develops into a broadly conical tree with branches that droop toward their tips, giving it a graceful appearance.

Growing Conditions:
This tree grows best in slightly acidic well-drained soils. It can be grown in full sun or partial shade although flowering and fall color are best in full sun.

A great medium size tree that grows at a slow rate. The nectar of the Sourwood blossoms attracts pollinators including honey bees; the honey produced is extremely aromatic with a distinctive rich honey flavor and is highly regarded by many.

25' - 30' at maturity

15' - 20' at maturity


Creamy white flowers resembling 'lily of the valley' bloom midsummer.

Deciduous; oblong - lanceolate Glossy green color in spring and summer, golden - purple in fall.

The bark of the mature Sourwood is gray to brown, with deep fissures and narrow, scaly ridges.

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