Burr Oak

Quercus macrocarpa

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Valuable to wildlife Valuable to wildlife

Large, deciduous tree that develops an oval form with a large trunk and stout branches. Macrocarpa means with large fruit, referring to this trees large acorns.

Growing Conditions:
Grows best in full sun to partial sun. Is tolerant of urban conditions including drought, pollution and poor soil.

Good shade tree for large areas.

75' at maturity

70' at maturity

Upright, oval growth in youth, becoming rounded and spreading as the tree matures

Yellow-brown, pendulous male catkins.

Leaves resemble base fiddle or violin in shape, are dark green, and have a lighter-colored underside making a subtle double-color effect in the breeze.

Gray, deeply furrowed and grooved with age, making a bold texture as the tree matures.

More Information:
Native range from Nova Scotia to Pennsylvania, west to Manitoba and Texas.