Asian Pear 'Hosui'

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Hosui'

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Provides edible fruit Provides edible fruit

*Important* Fruit trees, in general, have unique maintenance needs in terms of pruning, harvesting, and pest and disease management. Visit or for more fruit tree care info.

Growing Conditions:
Needs full sun and plenty of water.

Medium-sized tree that produces edible pears; fruit trees generally require more maintenance than shade trees.

25' at maturity

20' at maturity

Dense broadly pyramidal to rounded form

White, five-petalled flowers with red to purple stamens; blooms in April.

Glossy, deep green with finely serrated edges.

Brown-gray becoming platy.

More Information:
Hosui is a Japanese cultivar introduced in 1972. Requires a pollinator (either another Asian pear or a European pear). Cold hardy, drought resistant, heat tolerant. Susceptible to fire blight and codling moth. Fruit should be thinned to one per spur.