Asian Pear 'Chojuro'

Pyrus pyrifolia 'Chojuro'

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Provides edible fruit Provides edible fruit
Fall Colors Fall Colors

*Important* Fruit trees, in general, have unique maintenance needs in terms of pruning, harvesting, and pest and disease management. Visit or for more fruit tree care info.

Growing Conditions:
Needs full sun and plenty of water. Fruit trees generally require more maintenance than shade trees.

Small tree that produces edible, oblong, pears. Fruit is white, firm, and crisp. This is a medium size, vigorous and easy to grow tree with nice fall leaf color.

15'-20' at maturity

20' at maturity

Dense broadly pyramidal to rounded form

White, five-petalled flowers with red to purple stamens; blooms in April.

Glossy, deep green with finely serrated edges.

Brown-gray becoming platy.

More Information:
Chojuro is a Japanese cultivar introduced in 1895. Asian pears are partially self-fertile but are more productive if paired. Pollinizers include Bartlet, Housi, Nijiseki, Shinko, Shinseiki