American Hophornbeam

Ostrya virginiana

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Prolific hop-like fruits gives this tough, medium-sized tree its name. Graceful and small with many horizontal branches usually forming a rounded outline.

Growing Conditions:
Prefers moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soils of rich or average composition. However, it adapts quite readily to wet or dry, poor, alkaline soils with a slightly reduced growth rate (which is slow to begin with).

Attractive small to medium shade tree.

40' at maturity

25' at maturity


Male flowers are catkins, Female flowers are also catkins, but slender and light green.

Oval leaves have a doubly serrated edge. Dark green in the summer and changing to yellow in the fall.

Bark has a shreddy appearance with paper thin pieces that are easily broken off.

More Information:
Yellow to orange / bronze fall color and beautiful winter bark on mature trees. Its wood is very resilient and is valued for making tool handles and fence posts.