Forest Pansy Redbud

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

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This tree has very handsome, purple leaves, emerging as a shimmering red-purple and becoming more subdued as the season progresses.

Growing Conditions:
Grows exceedingly well in many soil types and full sun or light shade. Sensitive to drought conditions during establishment, will need regular watering.

Used for showy fall color and has amazing buds in early spring.

25' at maturity

25' at maturity

Spreading, flat-topped to rounded crown.

Reddish-purple in bud, opening to a rosy pink with purple tinge.

Alternate, simple, heart-shaped leaves.

Fairly smooth brownish, gray bark, that develops criss-crossed in appearance with age.

More Information:
In early spring, 'Forest Pansy' awakens with a long-lasting profusion of bright purplish-pink blooms in clusters, before the leaves emerge, along smooth gray branches.