Cornelian Cherry dogwood

Cornus mas

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Valuable to wildlife Valuable to wildlife

Small, deciduous tree with rounded to oval habit.

Growing Conditions:
Sun to partial shade in well drained soil. Prefers moist, rich, well-drained soil, but relatively adaptable; can be trimmed up at the base to make more tree-like and reveal the exfoliating bark better.

Blooms early. Bears edible fruit.

20' at maturity

15' at maturity

Rounded to oval

Small yellow flowers borne in clusters. With the early bloom time, flowering is quite showy.

Dark green, glossy turning green-yellow with some reddish purple tints in fall.

Showy exfoliating bark and has a scaly mix of gray and tan. Relatively attractive and adds to multiseason interest.

More Information:
NOTE BEFORE PLANTING: Dogwoods are very popular trees, but they are considered overplanted in many areas, and they are often planted in unsuitable locations where they are susceptible to leaf scorch, curling, and stunted growth. In the wild dogwoods are commonly found as understory trees. Many dogwoods are not particularly drought- or heat-tolerant, requiring irrigation during drought periods in summer. If your site is hot, dry and sunny in the summer, please consider planting an alternative tree that can thrive there.