City Sprite zelkova

Zelkova serrata 'City Sprite'

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Deciduous broadleaf tree with a compact, dense, oval to vase shape. A semi-dwarf form of the Zelkova species.

Growing Conditions:
Prefers full sun and moist, deep soil; pH adaptable. Once established very wind and drought tolerant.

Compact, dense, and semi-dwarf, this is the perfect little tree for tight urban spaces.

25' at maturity

18' at maturity

Vase shaped with arching limbs. Reminiscent of American Elm.

Inconspicuous flowers in April with the leaves.

Alternate, simple, oblong-ovate leaves, 2

Beautiful, smooth-gray bark with prominent cherry-like lenticels; with age resembles Chinese elm, but does not exfoliate as much.

More Information:
Native to Japan. Short internodes, fine textured foliage, and a self pruning growth habit make this a low maintenance city tree.