Accolade Elm

Ulmus japonica x U. wilsoniana 'Morton'

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Fall Colors Fall Colors

Large, broadleaf deciduous tree with a graceful vase shape similar to American elm, but resistant to Dutch elm disease, phloem necrosis, and both elm leaf and Japanese beetles. Cultivar named after arboretum where created, Morton Arboretum.

Growing Conditions:
Sun to partial shade, grows best in moist, well-drained, fertile soil. Adapts to urban conditions. May need additional pruning attention after establishment to maintain canopy form.

A rapidly growing shade tree that is resistant to disease and pests.

70' at maturity

40' at maturity

Vase-shaped with arching limbs reminiscent of American Elm

Inconspicuous flowers.

Alternate, simple and a glossy, dark green color that changes to yellow in the fall. With good sun exposure fall color is bright yellow.

Ashy-gray with net-like ridge/fissure pattern.

More Information:
Parents native to continental northeast Asia and Japan. Cultivar developed at Morton Arboretum in Illinois.