Apple 'Gala' semi-dwarf

Malus domestica

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Provides edible fruit Provides edible fruit

The US Apple Association has projected that the Gala apple will become America's favorite apple (with the Granny Smith, Fuji, and Honeycrisp apples are expected to rank third, fourth and fifth, respectively.)

Growing Conditions:
Fruit in general require sunlight to ripen fruit and air circulation to prevent fungal disease. It also helps to position an apple where it will get early morning sunshine, again, to dry off moisture accumulated over night. Otherwise, they prefer loamy, well-draining soil.

They're great in salads, straight from the tree, from storage (they store very well and are offered year-round in groceries stores as evidence). can be cooked, and are suitable for making apple sauce.

16' at maturity

16' at maturity

rounded canopy (though need annual pruning to maintain shape and produce annual fruit)

flowers in spring (that become apples later in the season)

simple entire and undulating leaf margin


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