Apple 'Fuji'

Malus pumilla

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Provides edible fruit Provides edible fruit

Fuji apples are medium to large. The thick skin of the Fuji apple is light red with a yellow blush, and is oftentimes lined with red vertical stripes. The Fuji’s interior creamy white flesh is dense, juicy, and crisp. Low in acid, the flavor is mild yet very sweet with hints of both honey and citrus. They are the result of a cross between two American varieties, the Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet.

Growing Conditions:
Fruit in general require sunlight to ripen fruit and air circulation to prevent fungal disease. It also helps to position an apple where it will get early morning sunshine, again, to dry off moisture accumulated over night. Otherwise, they prefer loamy, well-draining soil.

Salads, fresh eating, storage

16' at maturity

16' at maturity

Small, rounded


entire and simple


More Information:
Fuji apples are not named after Mount Fuji, but the name actually comes from Fujisaki, the Japanese town where they were developed. One large Fuji can give you 15 per cent of your daily vitamin C. Fujis are one of the best apples to freeze. Fujis are great for stuffing and roasting, as they hold their shape when cooked.